About Us

About us

Company Name : Light Way Metals Co., Ltd.(Join Force Bellows Co. Ltd.)
Description : JOIN FORCE Bellows Co. Ltd had been devoted to develop excellent manufacturing processes of metallic bellows and create diverse bellows products with high quality and superior performance to meet various need of industries.

Today JOIN FORCE possesses not only unique and reliable bellows forming technologies but also excellent reputation in Taiwan. We offer many types of bellows products, including expansion joints, flexible joints and flexible tubes, etc.

We use an advanced management information system, which is built by ourself, to handle all routine in our company, such as stock control, materiel and supplies purchasing, sales and production management.

JOIN FORCE believe that best quality is the only way to become an international enterprise of bellows production, and we are doing our best to accomplish it.
Products : mainly Expansion Joints, Flexible Joints and Flexible Tubes

Flexible Joints Manufacturer

Join Force Bellows Co. Ltd. is a professional Flexible Joints Manufacturer in Taiwan, offering Expansion Joints, Flexible Tube and Metallic Expansion Joint with durable quality and competitive price.  We also supply Stainless Steel Expansion Joint, Bellows Type Flexible Joint and Pipeline Coupling with superior quality and OEM service.  We can offer Bellows type Flexible Joints and Axial Expansion Joints according to customers’ request.  If you are looking for reliable Metal Bellows OEM Manufacturer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Main Product: